welcome to the training center

Beginner Certification

Chapter 1

CH 1 Read Along.pdf

Selling Is A Prerequisite For Life

The Great Shortage

The Commission

Volume And Profit Pt 2

Sales People Drive The Entire Economy

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Chapter 2

CH 2 Read Along.pdf

Professional or Amateur

The Great Shortage

The Commitment

Greener Pastures

The Power of Prediction

The Only Reason You Don't Like Selling

Chapter 3

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Selling Yourself

Conviction Is The Make/Break Point

90 Day Phenomenon

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Chapter 4

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How Much Time Do You Have?

Use Every Moment To Sell

The Lunch Opportunity

Lunch Out Sales Up

Chapter 5

Ch 5 Read Along.pdf

Take Massive Action

The Four Degrees Of Action

Massive Action New Problems

Production Yields Happiness


Work Your Power Base

How To Build Your Power Base

Impose On Them Or Help Them

Capitalize On The Easy Sale